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Here you can find the Award assigned to the Axis Squads.


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TagSquad_nameSubmitterDate ^AwardRibbonMap#
PLDPanzer-Lehr-DivisionLince24/Aug/07OKW Bluestar37
1lb1st Lithuanian Brigade "Iron Wolves"Lince24/Aug/07OKW Bluestar37
3 PZG3rd PanzergruppeLince07/Jun/07Iron Cross 2nd Class36
Windhund116. Panzerdivision "Windhund"Lince07/Jun/07Iron Cross 3rd Class36
503-abt503-Panzer abteilugenLince07/Jun/07Iron Cross 3rd Class36
KGWKampfgruppe WikingLince06/Jun/07Iron Cross 2nd Class36
15DAK15 Division Afrika KorpsLince06/Jun/07Iron Cross 2nd Class36
250h"250-Hispana"Lince06/Jun/07Iron Cross 2nd Class36
300BIA300 batallon de ingenieros de asaltoLince06/Jun/07Iron Cross 3rd Class36
REIRegio Esercito ItalianoLince06/Jun/07Iron Cross 3rd Class36
LagusOsasto LagusLince06/Jun/07Iron Cross 3rd Class36
CSPBCzechoslovak PanzerbrigadeLince06/Jun/07Iron Cross 3rd Class36
PLDPanzer-Lehr-DivisionLince06/Jun/07Iron Cross 3rd Class36
3dlmTroisiéme Division Légére MotoriséLince12/May/07Iron Cross 3rd Class36

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