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Updated : Dec 17, 2011


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PositionOfficerUnitRankTotal ScoreWarning
1ALERBERGERXXVII KorpsXO73.47Can be Promoted
2ROSSHOLE0033.ID KG1CO57.96Can be Promoted
3ITSBRADCHCCoS50.91Can be Promoted
4UGLYBOY33.ID KG1XO46.76Can be Promoted
5H8TANKXVIII KorpsXO46.40Can be Promoted
6COMPANY0HeerXO44.60Can be Promoted
7MAG6.ArmeeCO42.71Can be Promoted
8LOUPVERT5. ZerstörerflottilleCO41.56Can be Promoted
9CONESQCountryXO40.00Can be Promoted
10ITAFOLGORECountryCO39.72Can be Promoted
11SLIPK250XXVII KorpsCO39.49Can be Promoted
12KBUZZ101Marinegruppenkommando WestCO39.18Can be Promoted
13MOUSER981. FJ DivisionXXO38.47Can be Promoted
14TOXICPUKE4. Panzer DivisionXO37.33Can be Promoted
15FIAMBRE17. Infanterie DivisionCO35.80Can be Promoted
16BLOODHUN236.ArmeeXO35.42Can be Promoted
17GIGGADEECHCCinC34.43Can be Promoted
18NARGKampfgeschwader 53XO34.37Can be Promoted
19ACTONMAN12. ArmeeXO34.21Can be Promoted
20CHLODOVECH17. ID KG2CO34.04Can be Promoted
21OO6OO7CHCDCos33.20Can be Promoted
22OLAVV2. Panzer DivisionXO32.83Can be Promoted
23VONSTEEL1. Panzer DivisionCO31.69Can be Promoted
24AURISXIX KorpsCO30.73Can be Promoted
25GALOOBSLuftflotte 3CO30.57Can be Promoted
26RAINFACEXIX KorpsXXO30.55Can be Promoted
27KRAUZEKG26 Gruppe IIXO30.33Can be Promoted
28NOZZREDMarinegruppenkommando NordCO30.33Can be Promoted
29ENDTYRANNYIV.AKXO30.09Can be Promoted
30LEANDERJOKMXO30.01Can be Promoted
31KNIFURXIX KorpsXO30.01Can be Promoted
32ANIMERLZ8. ZerstörerflottilleCO29.55Can be Promoted
33ESSINIAN1. PD KG3CO28.54Can be Promoted
34HASTATILuftflotte 2CO28.33Can be Promoted
35WM714. PD KG2XO27.72Can be Promoted
36WAYLOSS17. ID KG1CO26.72Can be Promoted
37BROTHERAL1. AngriffsdivisionCO26.33Can be Promoted
38SOCKEYEOKMCO26.30Can be Promoted
39WOOKER233. Infanterie DivisionCO26.17Can be Promoted
40WIL2854. PD KG1CO25.77Can be Promoted
41WOLFPUPXXVII KorpsXXO25.61Can be Promoted
42KOFF1. Panzer DivisionXO24.44On Hold
43IANSTEIN3.PD KG1CO24.00On Hold
44GMAN1327.ID KG3CO23.63On Hold
45CORAGEMJG3 Gruppe IXO23.32On Hold
46MOUSIEMarinegruppenkommando NordXO23.01On Hold
47WAFFEN84OKLCO22.51On Hold
48MOLDERSLuftflotte 2XO22.44On Hold
49DRILL2. Panzer DivisionCO21.85On Hold
50VROOOM2. PD KG3XO21.14On Hold
51CLPRIOHeerCO21.13On Hold
52MR2IV.AKCO21.12On Hold
53ACTRADE3.PD KG3CO20.83On Hold
54MATTHOS33.ID KG2CO20.02On Hold
55MELODY2. AngriffsdivisionXO18.75On Hold
56W0RMZ5. KriegsschhiffgruppeXO18.53On Hold
57VASDUTEN15. KriegsschhiffgruppeCO17.11On Hold
58SMOKEEYE16. ID KG1XXO17.00On Hold
59DCOY3. Panzer DivisionXXO16.82On Hold
60KLUNKXVIII KorpsCO16.43On Hold
61MACTAVISH7Jagdgeschwader 3XO16.37On Hold
62COVEY01Kampfgeschwader 26XO15.95On Hold
63RHOGAN3. KriegsschhiffgruppeXO15.41On Hold
64TRONN2. PD KG1XO15.32On Hold
65VIPER822. AngriffsdivisionCO14.92On Hold
66VALLEKANOO16. Infanterie DivisionCO14.16On Hold
67JGK194433.ID KG3XO13.92On Hold
68ALEXSTUKOV4. ZerstörerflottilleXO13.30On Hold
69LEVESQUEJG3 Gruppe IICO7.39Demote
70THOMAS1816. ID KG3XO5.36Demote
71ED1AN3. Panzer DivisionXO5.16Demote
72MIKOV5032. PD KG2CO5.05Demote
73DEVILDAWG4. Panzer DivisionXXO5.02Demote
74JOHANN721.FJ Gr 2CO5.01Demote
75KARELLEAN27.ID KG1CO4.25Demote
76TALLIONJagdgeschwader 2XO2.76Demote
77ZEGEUNER1.FJ Gr 1CO2.26Demote
78TRYFAC3JG2 Gruppe IICO2.15Demote
79SLAYER17. ID KG1XO-0.49Discharge
80MYRMIES1. FliegerkorpsCO-0.50Discharge
81SP3CIALK16. ID KG2CO-0.85Discharge
82WITTMAN1. PD KG2CO-3.11Discharge

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