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Here are showed all the Individual Axis Awards included in the CRS DB. You can sort them by name, level and CRS DB #. Clicking on names will show you more details.


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IdNameMedalRibbonLevelCRS NrTypeRecipients
1Axis Player of the Week Award60090FreePlayers
2Iron Cross 3rd class ( Heer Issue )31081CareerOfficers
3Iron Cross 2nd Class31188CareerOfficers
4Iron Cross 1st Class31289CareerOfficers
5German Cross 3rd class41084CareerOfficers
6German Cross 2nd Class41185CareerOfficers
7German Cross 1st Class w/diamonds41286CareerOfficers
8Grand Cross 3rd class42078CareerOfficers
9Grand Cross 2nd Class42179CareerOfficers
10Grand Cross 1st Class42280CareerOfficers
11Merit Star10077FreeOff/Pla/Squ
12OKW Bluestar (Team Effort Award)11091FreeOfficers
13Forward Base Offense20133FreeOfficers/Players
14Forward Base Defense20232FreeOfficers/Players
15Kriegsmarine Officer Award1011CareerOfficers
16OAC - KM602TrainingOfficers
17Marine Infantry Award1603FreeOfficers/Players
18Troop-Transport Basic Award2704SpecialOfficers/Players
19Troop-Transport Proven2715SpecialOfficers/Players
20Troop-Transport Elite2726SpecialOfficers/Players
21FMB Basic2807SpecialOfficers/Players
22FMB Proven2818SpecialOfficers/Players
23FMB Elite2829SpecialOfficers/Players
24Kriegsmarine Air Support14510FreeOfficers/Players
25Destroyer Basic29011SpecialOfficers/Players

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