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    Message from kerry on 12/27 2017, 00:01 +00:00


      every time I add a new record and press submit I have to add two numbers then enter. I translated it and it says spam was detected. I don't post spam. how do I get rid of that spam detector.
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    Message from kerry on 12/25 2017, 01:50 +00:00

    on what.

      what in the name of ^6+spam is going on
      the page dont work i have to use memory to fix it.. i have to add two
      numbers every time i submid a record. was i hacked. ho w do i fix it. now im accused of spam. and help is empty. no help. what the hell kind of a data base is this.
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    Message from Gwen on 7/15 2017, 08:25 +00:00

    Delete Resume

      How to delete my resume in your system - thanks
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    Message from Sue G on 3/10 2017, 07:02 -05:00

    Any way to track search statistics or number of queries in BP?

      I use BP as a bibliographic database. Is there any way to find out how many searches are done? I'm curious to know if anyone is actually searching my database!
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    Message from Romeo Bernard on 3/4 2017, 15:48 +00:00

    Hell for error

      I try to insert a .png photo in a field of my portal base, and I have an error of type
      "Error get_image unable to open file exception 435"
      The file has the right reading / writing.
      I have reduced the size of the file to 15 kilobytes, but I still have the same error message except for a file that I managed to download. This file has the same format and the same rights as the others.
      If you have an idea of ​​the problem?
      thanks in advance
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    Message from thomas on 8/23 2016, 10:38 +00:00

    Re: REBOL to

      i don`t know rebol, but each template you create in baseportal is a htx file.
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    Message from Bary Allan Gold on 8/22 2016, 23:16 -05:00

    Re: REBOL to

      Mistake: should say "html" instead of "hamlet".
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    Message from Bary Allan Gold on 8/22 2016, 23:12 -05:00

    REBOL to

      Hello. The web site is a DBMS system that allows one to not only construct DBMSs but has a programming language that is embedded in a web page and also allows PERL.

      I have literally used the system for many years and it is very stable.

      In order to construct an application, one must log into the site with e-mail and password.

      I would like to use REBOL to create a web page that runs under their system. That means creating an "htx" file (instead of "hamlet"). My problem is that I can not figure out how to "log into the site" while running in REBOL.

      Does anyone have an idea?
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