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This site was made to help fellow amateurs sell used gear at a reasonable cost!

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DDMMYYMakeModelDescriptionCallsignName(First Last)Asking priceTown or CountyE mailHome phoneCell PhoneOther notes or commentsCondition
21/08/12TG CO. LTD unknown RAF Tube Tester Circa early WW 2ve3dgxGeo. HrischenkoinfoZephyr Ont dgxgeo@hotmail.com nonenoneLOOKING FOR EX -RAF WIRELESS TECH INFOFAIR
PLEASETELL OTHERSABOUT THIS SITEhttp://baseportal.com/cgi-bin/baseportal.pl?htx=/Mark_P/main         
01012004Icom706 Mk IIHF TRANCIEVER / +6m(100w)/2m(10w)YOURCALLEXAMPLE DELETE ADDXXX.ooGlasgowme # bt.com01xxx-XxXxXx00000000000S O L D ((REMOVE))or WITHDRAWN ((REMOVE))
01012004ICOM706 Mk IIHF TRANCIEVER / +6m(100w)/2m(10w)YourCall-- EXAMPLE New AdXXX.ooGlasgowme # bt.com01xxx-XxXxXx00000000000Box, instructions, mobilemount,mic inclgood a few scratches ontop, face unmarked

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