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The story contains no offensive material. No nudity, violence, sex scenes, or drug use. Appropriate for all ages.

The story has no explicit sex scenes or scenes of drug use. Nudity, if present, is brief, and not sexually-oriented. There may be some mild language. Appropriate for anyone over 8 years of age.

The story does not portray rough or persistent violence. Sexually-oriented nudity is generally absent, however, brief nudity is allowed. Strong language may be included. Appropriate for anyone over 13 years of age.

The story contains some adult material including use of strong language, theme, violence, or sex. Appropriate for anyone over 17 years of age.

The story may contain explicit sex scenes, an accumulation of sexually-oriented language, or scenes of excessive violence. The NC-17 designation does not signify pornography. Appropriate for adults only.


The story contains no romantic relationships beyond what you see on-screen. Gen stories may be considered adult stories if they have a rating of R or NC-17. The archive on this site divides adult stories by their ratings, not by Gen, Het, or Slash.

The story contains heterosexual romantic relationships or heterosexual sex. Het stories are not necessarily adult stories and may have a rating from G to NC-17. The archive on this site divides adult stories by their ratings, not by Gen, Het, or Slash.

The story contains homosexual romantic relationships or homosexual sex. Slash stories are not necessarily adult stories and may have a rating from G to NC-17. The archive on this site divides adult stories by their ratings, not by Gen, Het, or Slash.

This type is not currently an option for this archive but is included in the definitions for clarity. The story contains heterosexual or homosexual romantic relationships. These stories often portray long term established relationships amongst the characters.


The pairing indicates which characters are paired as a couple in the story. Pairings mostly apply to stories with a romantic or sexual relationship between the characters, although a strong friendship story in Gen could have a pairing. Character names are listed in the pairing options. If the pairing you need is not shown, please select /Other.


The author may enter a URL for a picture to be displayed on the story page. Give the entire URL, including the "http://". This field is not required.


Stories featuring action often with plot twists, harrowing escapes, and bad guys.

Alternate Universe
Stories in which the characters are placed in situations that are impossible to the series, or totally out of the series parameter. These may also include TDM (transdiminsional mirror) usage.

Stories featuring mental and/or physical torture, depression and general negative feelings. A story where a character deals with an emotionally distressing situation.

Stories describing sexual practices that include bondage, domination, discipline, sado-masochism, and other Events that feature the use of consensual pain or control for sexual gratification.

An invitation by a fellow fan to other fans to write a story based on several criteria defined in the challenge. Challenge criteria should be included in the description of the story.

A story containing characters and/or settings from more than one fandom universe.

A serious story, angling toward the more negative aspects of human nature. Most often, these stories carry a rating of NC-17.

A short story, generally 100 words or less.

Stories generally heavy on angst and dramatic situations.

Established Relationship. A story where an established romantic relationship between characters has been occurring over a period of time.

First Time. A story where characters become involved in a romantic or sexual relationship for the first time.

A story involving humor or a comic twist.

Stories in which a character is suffers emotional or physical pain, and another character comforts or protects the other person. These stories tend to be dramatic and explore areas where the character is made vulnerable.

Missing Scene/Epilogue
Stories that follow a canon episode in which the author writes in a missing scene or an epilogue to the episode.

Non-consensual sexual activity. The story contains a rape or attempted rape scene.

Point of view. The story is done in first person as told by the characters. Multiple points of view from various characters are possible.

Plot? What Plot? PWP refers to adult-themed stories that have little content other than one or many sexual encounters.

Stories featuring romance between characters.

Round Robin
A story written but by multiple authors. One author writes part of the story, then hands it to the next author, who writes part of the story, and so on until it's finished.

A group of two or more stories that have the same ongoing storyline and characters. If stories must be read in a particular order, mention the appropriate story titles and chronology in the author's notes section.

The visible or audible expression of affection between two friends, in which the non-sexual love they have for each other is momentarily glimpsed via some action, such as doing or saying emotional things which would not normally be expected.

A story taking its inspiration from a song, often incorporating the lyrics.

Unresolved sexual tension. Stories featuring unresolved sexual tension among the characters.

A work in progress. The story is incomplete and may be archived in parts. Once the final part is posted, please contact the archivist to change the WIP designation in the database.


Enter your story description here. Please limit your entry to a few lines.


A piece of information that tells the events that happen in an episode, book or movie that a person who has not seen that episode, book or movie doesn't want to know. An acceptable answer is none if there are no episode spoilers in the story.

Content Warnings

Any warnings regarding story content that the prospective reader may find unacceptable. Character death, rape, and child abuse are few examples of topics about which readers generally appreciate being warned. Character whumping, physical or mental violence, is also denoted here, i.e. "Danny whumping". An acceptable answer is none if there are no special warnings for the story.

Also, include content warnings for story categories that are not available for selection in this archive such as:

  • BDSM
  • Crossover
  • Darkfic
  • ER
  • FT
  • Non-con
  • PWP
  • UST

Author's Notes

Any information that the author would like the reader to know, including thanks to their betas, interesting facts regarding the story writing process, or story categories not available for selection in this archive such as:
  • POV
  • Round robin
  • Songfic
  • Series titles and chronology


Enter your disclaimer here. A default disclaimer is provided for you unless you submit your own.

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Please enter a link to your story (.html) if you do NOT want your story hosted in this archive. If you enter a link, the archive will designate your story as "off-site" and information such as story size will not be visible to the reader. If you wish to save your story in this archive's database, leave this field blank.

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Chapter Number

This field is required due to database sorting techniques. If your story has only one part, please enter a chapter number of 1 and include the entire story in the "Story" entry. For works in progress, the author may post "chapters" at any time by maintaining the chapter numbering system for each part as it is posted.

Chapter Title

This field is not required but may be useful if posting multiple chapters. The field is displayed with the story.


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