Pirates, Visits, and Opportune Moments by Kelda
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Pirates, Visits, and Opportune Moments
Description Me getting tired of waiting for Sam and Jack to figure it out by their dense selfs so I did it for them.

Spoilers None...maybe some for Pirates of the Caribbean...

Content Warnings kisses...hugs....shippy stuff...

Author's Notes I was really bored in a science class I have right now....*blushes* so I took out a peice of notebook paper and started to write. I had just watched Divide and Conquer the night before when I should have been sleeping, and I was getting fed up with all this UST and wanted them to do something on TV that would make the show rating a lot higher then PG. And then I wrote this story in science class. The reward, feeling better. The bad part...My science teacher got a hold of it...oops!




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