Happy Hallowe'en by Jenn (aka Goddess Sai'rana)
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Happy Hallowe'en
Description Sam explores her darker side when Janet suggests a little Hallowe'en pick-me-up for a lonely Jack and Daniel. First part of a series. The sequel is "Bonds and Boundaries".

Spoilers None. Unfortunately. :-)

Content Warnings Darkfic, some humour, mild torture, bondage, mild fetish (latex, costumes, mild dominatrix). Nothing overly weird, honest. That's why I said "mild". A little twisted Hallowe'en fun for our favorite SG people. :-) I think there's one swear word.

Author's Notes (Preliminary notes: The pairings are Sam/Jack, Janet/Daniel. Also, feel free to archive this anywhere, but do please ask first.) Okay. So it turned out not to be a foursome thing, nor did Mulder and Scully make the cut this time. But the Muse sends us where she will, and I think it turned out pretty well after all. :-) The reason for no Mulder and Scully is that I want to save them for after I sometime in the future (heaven knows when) finish my Gate-Files crossover series - or, at least, the first story in the series. Then I have some basis for the MS and SJ foursome fic. But I do hope you enjoy this story in the meantime. :-) Thanks and waves to my two betas, TheOneRing and Miss Kylie, for all their help! :-) And, as always, to my husband David: thanks for your beta-ing and for all your love. Enjoy!




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