Forever Love Part 3 - Just How Far I'd Travel, Just How Far Would I Go. by Debi C
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Forever Love Part 3 - Just How Far I'd Travel, Just How Far Would I Go.
Description This is a Meridian Fix story, third in a series. Jack and Daniel belong together...just ask them.

Spoilers Politics, Thorís Hammer, Between Two Fires, Ascension, Meridian, Revelations and probably more that I've forgotten

Content Warnings This is a MERIDIAN AND BEYOND/ MERIDIAN FIXED STORY. Reference to Character death that has already occurred in Meridian. Language. Violence. Intense situations. While I did not consider it as I wrote it, there is some non- consensual abuse outlined. Itís not bad, IMHO, however it is there. So when you reach the announcement From the Historical Romance, DESERT STARS by Jonathan OíNeill. Please be aware of some possible squicks in the future. Iím pretty squicky myself in some things so I donít want to surprise or hurt anyone with this part of the story. It's a long one...bring snacks!

Author's Notes May everyone find a love like this one. This is dedicated to my friends Celtic Angel and Devra who put up with me throughout this long madness. To Quercus who inspired me to write it, and, as always my thanks to Biblio, PhoenixE and Xochi for giving me a safe place to play in the Nile where Jack and Daniel can be together forever ... And a meridian is an imaginary line some fool drew on a stupid map so I donít want nuthin to do with it!




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