Alternate Reality: A HORROR STORY! by Debi C
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Alternate Reality: A HORROR STORY!
Description Because of a problem with the Stargate systems, our two heroes keep winding up in different realities. And this one is a doozy! Does the name Hathor ring a bell?

Spoilers Stargate (the movie), Hathor, Out Of Mind and Into The Fire. Also brief mentions of Fire and Water, Forever And A Day, The Light.

Content Warnings Some bad language. Intense situations, Violence, some off screen non-consensual sex and abuse. The boys are in deep dodo in this one, folks.

Author's Notes Series originally inspired in part by the Stargate Novels of Devlin and Emmerich and a terrible imagination. But boy howdy, have things changed. Aided and a-beta’d by CelticAngel, Devra and Joag. The song, Love Is All is from the Columbia CD Marc Anthony, sung by the artist Marc Anthony and written by Annie Roman.




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