A Window In Time: The Jacksons by Debi C
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A Window In Time: The Jacksons
Description Where was Daniel in 1969, besides driving to upstate New York in a psychedelic bus I mean.

Spoilers Stargate, The Gamekeeper, 1969, Legacy, The Crystal Skull.

Content Warnings Beau coup foreshadowings all over the darn place and smooshiness abounds. Other than that, nary a one except some naughty language.

Author's Notes Thanks to Goddess Athena for the accent approval, to Monkeyfun, this is all your fault cause you gave me the idea and to my heartsisters for their support and encouragement. Thanks also to Devra for the use of Lumpy the Camel, and of course homage to Howard Carter, Erich von Däniken and Thor Heyerdahl who are real people who really did these wonderful fascinating things. Look them up on the internet and be amazed.




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